This guide and resource library contains a set of standards to ensure a consistent design and identity across People First.

Why do we need a Design System?

As teams and our product grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay in sync. The Design System is here to keep internal/external designers, engineers and testers informed and in sync.

What is the Design System's aim?

  • To provide one source of truth for the whole of manufacturing and external partners.
  • To develop a shared language across disciplines.
  • To instil design consistency.
  • To highlight inconsistencies and help stop the application becoming bloated with duplicate styles or components.
  • To reduce the gaps between designers, developers and testers.
  • To openly show to everyone what components we currently have.
  • To share knowledge quickly for new starters.
  • To retain knowledge when people stop working on People First.
  • To apply governance - What we are and not allowed to do. Such as which browsers we support.
  • To allow partners to come on board and quickly build out their own features with limited support but staying within our guidelines.
  • To allow us to quickly keep this guide up to date.